Basic Programme Thrusts of CCSL

CCSL will remain relevant to the contemporary issues facing the Church and Society from a nonpartisan perspective. Food Security and Climate change, the promotion of and enhancement of sustainable peace to ensure the gains of the last decade, mitigation of Gender Based Violence and Quality Education are the contemporary issues that will be addressed

Food Security and Climate Change

Sierra Leone needs to attain food security in the staples of its people. This is an increasing challenge with the climate change that is currently taking place.  CCSL will facilitate the engagement and capacity of its Member Churches in addressing this issue in a sustainable fashion and in a way that includes policy makers, producers and consumers and the market forces. 


Promotion of and Enhancement of Sustainable Peace

Even though the decade of civil war has passed and peace has emerged nationwide, there are troubling signs and symptoms similar to that which led to the Civil War.  CCSL will engage the leadership of the Faith Community in advocacy, sensitization and awareness raising initiatives aimed at equipping the Church and Society in general to motivate government to address this issue in a way that significantly ensures quality governance and ethnic and nationwide tolerance.

Countering and Mitigating Gender Based Violence (GBV)

CCSL will broaden its initiatives related to mitigating gender based violence and thereby ensure that gender is no longer a constraint to access to goods and services, equal protection under the law and participation in economic development at the community, district, regional  and national level.


Promotion of Quality Education

CCSL will strengthen its collaboration initiative with the Faith Community with a view to ensuring that education governance and the education process of our youth are fair and equitable thus reflecting stakeholders desires and aspirations that are related to good governance of educational institution and quality education for our nation’s students.

Advocacy and Civic Education


Council will interact with CSOs, other like-minded organizations including faith based organizations as well as Policy Makers, presenting (speaking prophetically) issues that touch members of the Church and society on a daily basis i.e. law and order, justice, quality education, food security, gender based violence (GBV), provision of basic services (water and electricity), medical services, food security and unemployment. This will be done with a view to preserving and strengthening peace, security and democratic gains since the end of the decade of Civil War.