Mission of the CCSL

CCSL exists to facilitate and capacitate its Membership in promoting the prophetic ministry of Jesus Christ for the benefit of the community.


Vision of CCSL 

Churches in Sierra Leone empowered by the Gospel for life, truth, justice and peace


Core Values of  CCSL


The Council of Churches in Sierra Leone (CCSL) will seek to uphold, promote and enshrine the following core values in all its operations and engagements:

Agape Love: We value and express sacrificial and abounding love by taking care and pursuing the best interests of each other, whether CCSL member or any person or organization.

Mutual Respect: We value and forge mutual respect between Members, churches, faiths, partners and other organisations as well as people of different orientations.

Honesty: We value honesty and being dependable, hence being real to CCSL constituencies, Christians, partners and organisations or people of different orientations.

Integrity: We value integrity that demands sound decision making based on Christian principles by fully honouring their intentions and actualising them.

Tolerance: We value tolerance and forbearance of other communities, faiths, perspectives and orientations thus forging a common understanding and harmony among all people.

Transparency: We value transparency to clearly and openly govern, program and report as well as utilise resources and abilities.

Stewardship: We acknowledge responsibility for all of God’s creation as gifts, hence strive to utilise them thankfully and efficiently to the Glory of God.

Partnership: We appreciate support and guidance from Partners and people of goodwill.

Dignity of Mankind: In conformity with Christian principles, all persons have equal rights, value and dignity in the sight of God, therefore Council stands against all forms of discrimination in its membership as well as in its governance.